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Affordable Modern house designs

Okithma Building Constructions
2016-11-27 987 Views House Builders
  • Okithma Building Constructions (Pvt) Ltd was initiated to provide an eminent construction service to the clients who sought after the quality. The company possesses experience for more than 12 years in the industry and it excels in construction of houses and residencies acutely using the pyra vastu technique. In addition, they have won the confidence and the preference of the customers by constructing houses according to the customer specifications. Giving distinction to green construction, where less damage is caused to the environment in the construction process, the company endeavours to fulfil the social responsibility of a liable corporate citizen.

    Having a precise construction plan using only quality materials, equipment and professional knowledge, the company has been able to deliver an excellent and a cost effective construction solution for the customers. Furthermore, by abiding to the standard legal procedures pertaining to construction, the company establishes its integrity among the clients. Additionally, the company is flexible with its customers and lets them plan the process according to their budget and they can complete the payment when the construction process is still ongoing.

    Nowadays, pyra vastu technology is a famous discipline used in building construction and architectural planning. Provided the techniques are used accurately in the construction procedure, it can be either ineffective or disadvantageous. Therefore it is important that the techniques are used only by those who have precise knowledge and experience. Okihtma Constructions (Pvt) Ltd has experience in using pyra vastu techniques for constructions and a clientele that benefit from the service.