Advertise with us is the first Construction web portal in Sri Lanka.

We optimise your company’s digital marketing strategy and brand building effort.

How We Optimise Your Digital Marketing Strategy

  • 1. Everything on one platform

    No repeat costs and the ability to advertise or promote all construction related products and services of your company on one platform
  • 2. Unlimited online marketing space

    Companies can upload any number of articles, flyers, photos, videos, brochures, catalogues, or any other material as required
  • 3. Rapidly reduce overheads of your company

    We deliver all required details to promote your company’s products and services to direct decision makers in the construction industry: Architects, House builders, Construction companies, and other construction professionals. This helps to significantly minimize overheads of your sales teams and no longer you will follow the tedious process of arranging meetings for product and service demos and introductions
  • 5. Identify market trends

    Stay up-to-date about the construction industry and competitors
  • 7. Boost your company’s social media marketing through our platform

    Link to face book, Google plus, Tweeter,Pinterest
  • 8. Conduct research related to your company through our platform

    For fine-tune and continuously improve your performance

Why us

Traditional advertising can be expensive and time consuming.

Do you know that 50% of your marketing and advertising cost through these channels is a waste as they do not reach your target market, and do not meet the hit rate you expect?

There is no guarantee that potential clients will see your advertisement.

For instance, thousands of target market can miss your advertisement on TV, Radio, and papers, while leaflets are scattered everywhere with none of your potential customers viewing your message.

The solution is ‘’CONSTRUCTION360.LK ’’
We are Sri Lanka’s first construction web portal.

We will elevate the effective rate of your marketing cost up to 80 -90%, and bring maximum value and benefit on your investment.


Construction360.LK is an internet-based service. We market your products and services to those who really need it. Over the years, internet usage in Sri Lanka has increased exponentially, with over 4million users recorded in 2015. Our platform opens your company to anyone with access to the internet. It means a highly effective target market, and the effective rate of your investment in our site will be the highest.


Join us and be an EFFECTIVE marketer!